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Sandovales Tequila is born as a tribute to Sergio Partida and his family’s legacy of hard-work and tradition. For decades Sergio’s family has been synonymous with quality and dedication, as they have kept, respected and honored the land, tradition and history of tequila.

Born and raised in Amatitlán, Jalisco, Sergio continues to reside there with his family in Hacienda Sandovales,  an estate built in the early 1800’s and acquired with agave by Sergio’s father. The iconic estate serves as a symbol for Sandovales Tequila as it portrays the love, passion and dedication into growing agave and producing the finest tequilas within the family owned Miravalle distillery.



The result of unbroken tradition, as Sergio and his family personally manage and care for the agave fields, ranch and distillery.


From using land sustainably and respectfully, to carefully selecting agaves and using years-old traditional clay ovens, Sandovales embodies true luxury and quality as a product of simplicity,  tradition and dedication.

Vida para producir y hacer

“Life to produce and do” - One of the great messages and teachings past to Sergio by his father is the dedication of life to creating, producing and doing.  To live a productive and simple life, cherishing effort, work and passion.


Sandovales is the result of a long life of creation which is why every bottle is engraved with this same words.

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